18 rules for dating my daughter friends renuited dating

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18 rules for dating my daughter

Can't you stay depressed 'til they get down the hall?

Maybe I'm screwed up about men because you kissed my old boyfriend.

I'm getting tired of keeping your double life a secret.

He's such a "let's hang over the Titanic with our arms all hanging out" type of guy.

Wasn't tonight the night that the girls were getting together?

She was sneaking out to the concert with, you know, En-bay.

Dad, it's the Michigan Fight Song, Ben, it's You Light Up My Life.

I say, getting Bridget out of her room and back on her feet.

Mom and Dad are this close to caving and letting me see Ben.

Like when Leonardo couldn't make it to the MTV Movie Awards and Carson Daly said, "Wish you were here.

Have you reached the part where Robert Duvall makes his screen debut?

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You're missing the point in one of the great pieces of literature.