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C self updating application

When the application is launched by advertised shortcut, it checks for all the key paths of the Current Feature, if any of the key paths is missing it will launch Repair.

Note that if there are multiple features then it will not check the missing key paths of the other features, but only the feature of which the advertised shortcut is launched.

If there is a mismatch between the current system state and the value specified in the MSI package (e.g., a key file or registry is missing), then the related feature is reinstalled.

This process is also known as self-healing or self-repair.

Every component is assigned a unique component code GUID.

When an MSI-based application is launched (by clicking on an advertised shortcut or file type association), Windows Installer checks the existence of key path items.

Components are collections of resources that are always installed or removed as a unit from a user's system.

A resource can be a file, registry key, shortcut, or anything else that may be installed.

Ø Review the packaging requirements (User Requirement Review). Windows Installer contains significant changes from its predecessor, Setup API.Each of these tables contains instructions and set-up information.A single, installed, working program (or set of programs) is a product.The Main difference between packaging and re-packaging is that the source files does not come in the form of package in packaging where as in re-packaging they come in a form of a package, which might be MSI or legacy package (such as executable, batch files, etc). It provides a standard method for developing, customizing, installing and updating applications.Repackaging (Customized Installation) is the process of capturing the changes made by an Installation Program (Package) and it is customized to support company standards and distribution methods. It is an engine for the installation, maintenance, and removal of software on modern Microsoft Windows systems.

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Self Heal and Repair are two different concepts in Windows Installer which people many times consider to be the same thing however there is difference in these two.

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