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If you see this happening, chances are he doesn't want to be with you anymore.

What does it mean if my boyfriend of two and a half years is not responding to my calls and texts?

This seems to be the Occam’s Razor of your story – the most likely way that things occurred.

However, in your version, this man that you’ve been dating deliberately blows you off on Christmas morning, ignores your repeated texts and has suddenly decided to sabotage everything you’ve built together over 16 months.

Only one question about this story: why would he do this? Which leads me to think that it was benign neglect and laziness that caused the initial problem – and all of your overreactions that caused the rest of them.

Because I feel pretty strongly that this problem is mostly of your own making. By these standards, I see a number of ways that a very simple miscommunication spiraled out of control to the point that Sheila’s thinking of returning his Christmas gifts. The fact that he had two kids staying with him slowed him up.

By the time he got his stuff together, it had already started raining.

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I responded last night, chagrined that he missed my text, puzzled as to how, saying I’m sorry, was disappointed and looking forward to it.

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