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However, with the Vita no longer receiving first-party support in North America and Europe, its niche platform status may seem perfect for an onslaught of otome game releases.It’s probably no coincidence, then, that 2015 saw Western releases for For those new to otome games, any one of 2015’s Vita releases would be a great place to start.Each game is a slightly different take on the genre, together offering a cross-section of the range of styles and themes represented in otome visual novels., on the other hand, has the unique option of allowing the player to choose from one of three different protagonists, each with their own different set of suitors.

Regardless, in terms of sheer number of titles released, otome games are dominating the Vita market.On the other hand, the Japanese manga, anime, and videogame industries have long acknowledged women as a lucrative market.Otome games are just one form of media in a vast industry that caters to an extremely diverse range of interests, but they continue to thrive because they appeal to the desire to live vicariously through the protagonist of a shojo (girls’) anime romance.However, despite never quite finding a foothold in the West, the Vita has slowly but surely established itself as a competent handheld in Japan.From tear-jerker visual novels to toe-tapping rhythm games, Vita owners have an ever-growing library of titles to choose from.

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