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I stayed under there until it was clear that I wasn’t about to be shot. Robin Morgan came up with this horrible speech and when Beth went on stage to play her guitar and sing, [TERFs] started threatening her.Patty [Harrison] and I jumped on stage and we got hit, because they came onto the stage to physically beat her.” “A huge crowd of yelling people formed around us and I started crying at that point. TGirl Kirsty loves a good hard cock when she's wearing her slutty red PVC dress. We are not responsible for content provided by third parties. All site names, descriptions and banners are provided by third parties.These studies provide overwhelming evidence that removing discriminatory barriers to treatment results in significantly lower suicide rates.” From consistently targeting trans healthcare to supporting reparative therapy for trans children, the TERF movement – while historically seen as both ridiculous and irrelevant – has managed to inflict more suffering upon the trans community than any other anti-trans equality movement in the history of the United States. Shanko (AKA Gallus Mag, Gender Trender) promoting right-wing campaign to force trans people to use restrooms that correspond to their sex assigned at birth, irrespective of transitioned status.There’s a reason TERF opinion leaders like Sheila Jeffreys carefully edits out Andrea Dworkin’s thoughts about trans people when she, not infrequently, cites Dworkin in her many condemnations of trans people.

The insane desire for power, the madness of boundary violation, is the mark of necrophiliacs who sense the lack of soul/spirit/life-loving principle with themselves and therefore try to invade and kill off all spirit, substituting conglomerates of corpses.Moreover, they work to oppose trans equality measures, infiltrate trans-inclusive feminist spaces, work with anti-gay groups to target trans kids and collaborate with anti-trans extremists who advocate bombing US targets.Sandy Stone recounts the time when Olivia Records (a lesbian separatist, radical feminist women’s music collective) came under attack for being trans inclusive: “We were getting hate mail about me.…Sometimes the criticism is paternalistic in claiming that transgender people are merely exploited victims of the medical industry’s drive to make money with various surgical and hormonal procedures.The 1994 book Transexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male by Janice Raymond describes being transsexual as a medical invention manufactured to create profit.

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Stone said, “In fact, Gorgons did come and they did have guns taken away from them. During a break between a musical number someone shouted out ‘GORGONS!

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