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” “Thank you so much for the support, this is my first time signing up for this program and I am so happy!I am extremely grateful and can’t even put into words how wonderful everyone has been.He has written a letter we wanted to share with you.Dear Fellow Soldiers, As someone who has been in your boots, I’d like to tell you what AAUSS is and what it isn’t. Yes, we are turning a year older and still growing strong.We thank our many supporters from around the United States and world for helping to share funny stories, their daily lives and care packages with our deployed troops. The sacrifices they give each day home or deployed.

I want to take moment to say thank you to so many: *Thank you to the volunteers of AAUSS who work full-time jobs and have families, but find the time each day to continue to answer emails, help with adoptions, assist with Facebook and forums and so much more.

You guys made our day and Holiday that much better.

I Will be here for a year and looking forward to the joys of your support. ” “I just want to say this program is amazing, the people you assigned me have been wonderful.

When they selflessly volunteer to become a sponsor they are informed of what is appropriate and non-appropriate interactions between them and the soldier they adopt.

Inappropriate communication that is not consistent with AAUSS’s mission of “connecting supportive civilians with deployed troops to communicate encouragement and gratitude to those brave men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces” is to be reported to the volunteers who selflessly run the organization.

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Enjoy some words from our troops and thank you for helping AAUSS continue to grow!