Single girl online dating blog

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Single girl online dating blog

Social Clout: 8,135 Twitter followers; 260 Facebook likes Twitter Handle: @singlegirlie URL: This Single Life invites singles and committed romancers alike to debate and discuss the many dynamics of dating.

So we’re running through our favorite 15 dating blogs that will provide the tips you need, the anecdotes you crave and a good laugh when all else fails. Dating Goddess: As explained in her Adventures in dating after 40, mature dating sometimes comes with a few unexpected twists, the best way to get past them is by sharing and no blog is better at providing honest, thoughtful musings on dating for 40 than this. Soon2becatlady: When you need a refreshing giggle at the drama and misadventure that comes with dating in the digital age, I recommend Soon2becatlady (spoiler: she’s not resorted to getting cats just yet! 40 Days of Dating: follows a unique and interesting social experiment conducted by two good friends, Jessica in Timothy, in New York. Dating If you’re looking for expert dating advice from people with both the personal and academic qualifications to give it, you might try Dating She’s been coined a “Twitter Powerhouse” by the Huffington Post and a “Woman of Influence” by the Nashville Business Journal.The Single Woman is a smart, straightforward and sensational source for single living inspiration. We’ve scanned the blogosphere for single-savvy experts and brought you single life advice on a witty, insightful, humorously familiar platter.Social Clout: 10,300 Twitter followers; 320 Facebook likes Twitter Handle: @ATWYSingle URL: Singles Warehouse came on the dating scene as a resource for singles who are “sick of being single.” This panel of experts brings you the best of sexual sass, emotions gone wrong and tales of dating debauchery.

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The musings of this “single girlie” have been featured on Buzz Feed, Your Tango and Elite Daily.